I hear the evocative voice of nature in fog. Though hemmed in, space remains open, the deep is deeper; as much fades away, other things appear. You become a part of the space.

Archie is self-taught and so are most of his role models, both when it comes to music and to visual arts. „I would no doubt have gained much from art school and learning can always open up new worlds, but it can have its limitation too. Ingálvur av Reyni (an internationally recognised Faroese expressionist) said he spent six year to find himself after he left the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts,“ notes he.

Archie Black has participated in many exhibitions over the years. His drawings and paintings have been on view in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and they have been well received. The first exhibition in which his works were included was organised by Hans Jacob Glerfoss and Fridtjof Joensen and held at the technical college in Klaksvík in the beginning of the 70s.